Circus plays creepy Janitor in Cubicle
Everybody seems to love Red!
Back in ‘06, Circus created a character, having him photographed and recorded to submit an audition across 2000 miles for casting consideration in Devi Snively’s first feature, trippin’. Since then, the headshot of “Red” has been submitted on various projects seeking homeless persons, rednecks, junkies, psychotics, etc. As a result, this look (or a variation thereof) has become Circus’ top booking persona, beating out doctor types! It even got a callback as Larry the Cableguy’s cousin for Witless Protection but a theatre tour in Romania posed a scheduling conflict.
Anyway, “Red” recently worked again as a creepy janitor for the teaser/short CUBICLE (dir. Joseph Palmer) which will be used to pitch the feature length project.
We don’t yet have any details or photos about the shoot but if you’ve visited AtTheCircus over the past three years, you’re probably familiar with the look by now.
So here’s to “the hardest working bum in showbiz”, Red!
Red’s headshot