HELIX wraps (in a b-b-blanket!)
helix [ˈhiːlɪks]
1. (Mathematics) a curve that lies on a cylinder or cone, at a constant angle to the line segments making up the surface; spiral
2. a spiral shape or form
3. a movie shot in a continuous 90-minute edit-free take during a brutally cold Chicago morning in March, 2008 starring Alexa Vega and featuring Circus-Szalewski as a bicycle-riding street person who gets entangled in an abduction.
The groundbreaking flick rehearsed cast and crew (and vehicles used in the roughly 4 mile steadi-cam trek) for a week during which it was quickly discovered that the defective Gore-Tex socks offered little protection when Circus’ shoeless character stepped into one puddle after another.
The following Monday, director Aram Rappaport called ‘action’ on the first of five takes (one per day) attempting to capture the orchestrated performance.
Wednesday’s shoot was scrubbed at about 0:25 minutes when a wind gust off Lake Michigan knocked the camera operator off his feet, obviously ruining the take!
Tuesday’s take was ultimately selected as the best and should soon be the first single-take, real-time narrative crime drama in history.
Circus-Szalewski and Alexa Vega cling to each other for warmth after ten days of HELIX exteriors in a Chicago winter.