Old Clown Wanted, 2005-2007
Age makeup as Nicollo for OLD CLOWN WANTED.
November 2005: Circus-Szalewski broke an eight-year hiatus from the scripted stage to be cast in TrapDoor Theatre's midwest premiere of OLD CLOWN WANTED ("Critic's Choice" ~ The Chicago Reader; "Recommended, See Now" ~ NewCity; "...deft, smart performers who know exactly how to play the style of this complex work" ~ Windy City Times; “...the universally sharp cast doesn't waste a breath or a twitch.” ~ Time Out Chicago).
December 2005: OLD CLOWN’s weeklong Manhattan run of eight shows as part of the ActFrench Festival received a favorable notice from Backstage.com and met the approval of the playwright, Matei Visniec, who had traveled from Paris for the event.
Spring 2007: Circus toured Romania with TrapDoor’s remount of OLD CLOWN WANTED (presented in a distinctly different staging for each city by director Gregory A. Fortner). In the first city, Arad, Circus’ fine interpretation of the challenging character was commended by Dan Antocci who performed the same role 15 years earlier. Other dates were played in Tirgu Mures, Sibiu, and the capital Bucharest.
Between NYC shows, with Matei Visniec
Dan Antocci and Circus visit after an Arad show.