Two Fine Films
(Three Important Dances)
On Wednesday, 9/23/09, directrix Devi Snively delivered trippin’, to the offices of the biggies: Sundance and Slamdance (joined by AtTheCircus webmaster Hardy Canard who propsmithed the smokes packages for trippin’). Circus plays the role of Red in the feature directorial debut described as
“The Big Chill for a Kevin Smith generation with a puppet!”
And a brand new award, The Abyss, has been created this year to honor David Hunt’s suspenseful adaptation of the viral web phenomenon Ted The Caver, thereby making THE LIVING DARK the first-ever thriller/horror film good enough to be screened at Moondance.
“The winning works in this awards category also have a deeper, and often hidden, message, lesson, moral, or important idea that bears further thought.”
Devi seeks to enter “the gates of Mighty Sundance”
Circus as punk caver Joe Marsters, working at a Quik Mart.