We’re so excited by this news that you’ll be reading about it for a couple months, at least! March brings the release of The Weathered Underground on DVD, iPod, iPhone. Yes, DVD, iPod, iPhone! David N. Donihue has created an interactive saga similar to the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books where the viewer actually chooses what the lead character Eric (Michael Ciriaco) will do next.

Besides the fact that it's interesting, why are we reporting this? Because in the sequel - which shot concurrently - Circus turns in a creepy portrayal as the predatory boss of Brea Grant (HEROES) who plays Eric's crazy ex-girlfriend.

The eyepoppingly stylized look of Weathered Underground is only the icing on this live action cake that isn't a game so much as an actual movie with a well developed storyline. In fact, there are many storylines and over a dozen endings in the 310 minutes of runtime (depending on the choices you make). 

The groundbreaking release was produced by Strom Magallon Entertainment and is being released by Indican Pictures.

Mark it on your calendars -- revised forecast for March 2, 2010 is smartly funny!,+Greg+Strom+and+Doug+Magallon+...-a097615866