God Save the Queen: A Prequel
Logline:  A high school misfit learns her ‘secret admirer’ is in danger and must uncover his identity to warn him.
Paige & Hadley’s Prom From Hell (the feature)
Logline:  Haunted by a murdered cheerleader, a punk rock girl must stop the mystery killer who's targeting prom queen nominees even if it means her own death, or worse -- actually attending the prom!
Prom Synopsis:  In this “thinking girl’s slasher film,” Paige & Hadley live in a hell town and go to a hell school where they are forced to survive jocks, freaks, dysfunctional parents and creepy janitors, all who might be involved with the murder of Val, a popular cheerleader.  When Val’s ghost returns to haunt Paige into attending her prom in pursuit of the mystery killer, a practical joke lands Paige as one of 5 prom queen nominees targeted for death!  Suddenly Paige and Hadley's quest to land their love interests (and lose Hadley’s virginity) takes a back seat to their desire to just make it out of prom (and high school) alive.
“Congratulations!  We are pleased to inform you that your script PAIGE & HADLEY'S PROM FROM HELL has been selected for the second round of consideration for the 2011 January Screenwriters Lab!” ~Sundance Film Festival
“…funny, quirky, darkly comedic. The dialogue is a high point, and the tongue-in-cheek tone of the piece will allow an audience to fully embrace the hilarity of the gore. The writing demonstrates a fresh outlook and confidence that makes the script a fun read and likely an even more fun onscreen experience…Character development is really well handled and the delicate touch the writers have taken with the tone of the film ends up being crucial; it’s not easy to carry off a series of grisly murders that somehow seem to get funnier as they get more gruesome.”  ~ the Los Angeles Film Independent Writer’s Lab
“I thought your script was pretty terrific. So many yummy moments…”
                               ~Daniel Waters, writer HEATHERS
“Prom From Hell is a gem – non-stop action and highly entertaining.”      
                          ~Larry Myles, Red Inkworks Screenplay Competition
“…original, with a strong new voice” ~Tess Morris, Jeva Films
“The pages speed by in no time flat…I’m always amused, entertained
 and delighted by (the writer’s) creativity.”
            ~Molly Mayock, A Feeding Frenzy Screenplay Competition.
Prom from Hell is fantastic.”
            ~Erich Schultz, Director, London Independent Film Festival
Grand Jury Award – London Independent Film Festival
Finalist – Slamdance Screenplay Competition
Finalist – Shriekfest Film Festival
Finalist – Red Inkworks Screenplay Competition
Quarter-Finalist – Austin Film Festival
Quarter-Finalist Finalist PAGE Awards Screenplay Competition
Quarter-Finalist, Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition
Writers Digest Screenplay Award Winner