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This site was created as a handy reference page for when Circus-Szalewski's name is among your vegan cast/crew members (abstaining from eating animal, animal products, or animal byproducts).
These handy guidelines may also be helpful when food services encounter vegans other than C-S.
 Please pass it along to whomever it concerns.
VEGETARIAN Dietary Needs:
No animal of ANY kind used in the ingredients. (ie, no chicken broth used in soups or sauces, no oyster sauces used in asian recipes, no gelatin or glycerine among the ingredients). Be aware that "natural flavorings" may include beef or chicken fats and are therefore NOT in keeping with vegetarian guidelines.
any egg, dairy (milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, etc), honey, or any animal product. BEWARE possible hidden "culprits":
Many bottled salad dressings will have dairy or other animal ingredients;
Mixed nuts may contain glycerine or gelatin;
Margarines may contain whey or other dairy components;
Most Soy cheeses (almost any that melt) contain caseins, a dairy component;
Some marinara recipes include parmesan or romano cheeses
-- obviously, these are not valid options for those who do not eat animal products.
  1. Potato chips (as long as they're not cheese or ranch-dressing flavored, etc.)
  2. Corn chips (again, not cheese or ranch-dressing flavored, etc.)
  3. Salsa
  4. Pretzels
  5. Nuts (check ingredients for “culprits” - glycerine or gelatin added by some brands)
  6. Fresh vegetables (typical deli tray of celery, radish, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, etc.)
  7. Fresh Fruit
The info on this page is pretty simple but feel free to give a yell via e-mail if I can clarify anything above which you may find confusingly phrased. However, if you are just surfing through, please refrain from pointing out that "white sugar is most likely not vegan, etc., blah, blah, blah" as the guidelines above are not to be any official definitions of veganism -- rather, the specific parameters currently used by Circus-Szalewski. So don't bother to open that can of worms... 'cuz they won't be eaten.

~ Hardy Canard
personal assistant
  1. Vegan-friendly
  2.  MEAL items:
  3. beans (not prepared with “culprits” such as animal fats/broths)
  4. pastas (marinara, pesto, etc, not prepared with animal broths or cheese)
  5. pasta salad (vinegar/oil; exclude parmesan, etc.)
  6. rice
  7. stirfried, steamed, or boiled vegetables
  8. tofu
  9. breads (excluding “culprits”: ie, honey, egg, or dairy ingredients)
  10. veggie-burgers (check ingredients to avoid those with caseins, egg, or cheese among ingredients; or, look for the word "vegan" in the product name)
  11. baked potatoes
  12. chili (prepared without animal ingredients)
  13. salad (garbanzo beans and bean sprouts are a nice addition for protein)