Punker/Spelunker In Arkansas Bunker
THE LIVING DARK signed Circus in July from an audition video sent to the nationwide casting call for the role of Joe, a Brit-Punk wannabe who clerks in a convenience store to support his cave exploring habit.
The smart, funny, and claustrophobic yarn is directed by David Hunt.
Principal photography on location in Fayetteville, Arkansas has wrapped and C-S returned to Chicago (with some interesting bruises and scrapes). “I’d have gladly incurred far more for this project,” said Circus, “David’s interpretation of the Ted The Caver blog is such a worthwhile story that goes well beyond the typical suspense film.”
Webmaster’s note: I’m proud to say that I was allowed to design/build the punk “do-it-yourself” caving gear props used by Circus in the movie.