y'Know What They Say About Circus...
"The entire team really enjoyed hanging out with you and watching your outstanding performance as Ezekiel Molon. You'll always be at the top of our list for any future projects and I hope we all get a chance to work together again soon. Thanks again."
~ Ron Beck, Director

The Mini
"Circus is a total professional. He brought originality, passion and intelligence to his role. He instinctively knew the appropriate tone of his character. If played by a different actor, the character could have been way over the top. Circus understood how his character fit within the fabric of the film and never overplayed it…just enough to create the proper balance between characters within his scenes."
"Shooting a film is always hard, but people like Circus make it easier. - a good actor and a good person. Bringing my film to life required me to make hundreds of decisions, but hiring Circus was the smartest decision I made. He brought the character to life and made him far more compelling than what I had written."
~ Ramsey Denison, Director
"You are honestly the most professional actor I have worked with in terms of just being about the project and the 'team.' You ask very little, don't complain, give everything that's asked and offer more. It is very refreshing to have that experience and that is why I will always try to work you in to stuff I am doing... I simply enjoy your company and all that you bring. Kudos to Circus."
~ Michael Lansu, Director

Resurrection Mary
"I should have written you yesterday actually to thank you for an awesome job. You are an absolute pleasure to work with and we are glad to have your talents in our film."
~ Tim Richardson, Director

Dork Of The Rings
"I wish all actors had the same work ethic you do."
~ Michael G. Smith, Director
The Minx
"Just wanted to thank you again for the great experience of working with you. ...I knew the role meant being entirely obscured by a bulky costume and I assumed that would leave no room for actual 'acting' ...that anybody could have been in that suit with more or less equal results. Thanks for proving me wrong....You not only brought character to a giant trash bag monstrosity, but your suggestions on set were invaluable.
You are worth every penny and much more."
~ Devi Snively, Director
"I wanted to commend you on your performance... Frankly, you knocked it out of the park. You quite literally had me laughing out loud at words I had written and seen a thousand times. You made them feel new.
Very nice to talk to somebody who is so intelligent on matters of writing and film in general. Even better that it's an actor I'm working with! It makes me feel very comfortable about our collaboration."
~ David Hunt, Director

The Living Dark
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“...I was surprised to see a different Circus leave set after you were wrapped - you are a talented artist. ...I enjoyed working with you, and appreciate your hard work.”
~ Joseph Palmer, Director
"(T)hank you again for your tremendous effort and dedication...your work is superb! I am honored that you did our show."
~ Beata Pilch, Artistic Director

TrapDoor Theatre
“...AMAZING job yesterday!  It's frightening how accurate you made the entire performance.  It was EXACTLY what I was looking for!!”
~Tommy Tallarico, composer
CEO of the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.)